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Perfection. We know nobody’s perfect but we aspire for it. We want the perfect house, the perfect partner, the perfect friends, the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect self.
Yet nothing is perfect. Or everything is perfect as it is, it is just our minds that make it not so. 
Why? Because of wanting. Wanting more.
Why do we want more? Why is there an unsatisfied craving in our inner core that asks us to want more, do more, be more? Why can it not be satisfied? Where is this rooted?
Unhappiness is either the source or effect of such afflictive emotions, or both. There is no contentment, ergo no peace. Restless wandering, restless wanting. 
Do we need to know the cause of such before we can change? Or can we just accept and move on? 
If the book Super Genes can be based, this has been handed down to us from our ancestors. And we now have a choice if we will hand it down to the next generations. 
Our choice today does not just generate a butterfly effect but definitely a grander scale t…
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A Lot of Shoulds on my Shoulder

A lot of shoulds on my shoulder
A lot of would-haves on the floor
But I know the past is over
I cannot relive it anymore

A lot of what-ifs and if-onlys
A lot of guilt and shame
I should have done that, I shouldn't have missed
Yet all excuses sound lame

I should have done less mistakes
Less words, less heartaches
I should have been a better me
If I only let myself free

I should have been a kinder daughter
I should have been a tidier wife
I should have been an attentive sister
I should have lived a better life

What if I dared to be me
In a world that asked me to be different
What if I was more content simply
By appreciating what's apparent

But I still have now to start over
Today can change forever
Today is the day I live
Without shoulds and what-ifs

A bagful

Thin flimsy arms I only noticed now. My mom's. I felt a tinge of sadness over her frailty that normally doesn't show, at least to me. But her smile is the sweetest as she kisses me on the cheek, oblivious of my thoughts and feelings.

Before she sits down, she opens her bag to show all the food she bought for me and take these out one by one. Overflowing food despite my countless attempts to remind her that I am already taken care of by my husband and even before that, since I have long since earned a living.

I have lived my life independently for the past 14 years. At the age of 20, I became a breadwinner of a family of four. And by 21 I left our home in the province to face a more rewarding job opportunity in the metro. It may be heartbreaking for others to leave their home but for me it meant freedom from the clutches of my parents' overprotection.

When I became a teenager, I felt suffocated at home. I wasn't permitted to go to sleepovers or summer outings. Even buyi…

What is necessary?

When we focus on the necessary, we see how a lot is unnecessary. We can only do that when we're still, silent, unmoved by the external forces that keep us moving, programming us to do what they want... what they want to sell. It's scary to traverse the unfamiliar. To go with the unpopular. But …